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Steps Involved In Forming A Private Limited Company In India and other requirements
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Steps for Forming Private Limited Company in India
Other Steps to Establish Business in India

Steps to Set up a Business in India

Steps to Incorporate a Private Limited Company in India & Post Incorporation Steps for setting up Business in India

The following chart, in two parts, describes the procedure for setting up a typical business in India. It includes the steps for forming a private limited company in India. It also includes post incorpration steps required to establish a business in India.

 Besides incorporation there are many other formalities in establishing a business in India. The following chart contains typical formalities including incorporating a private limited company in India:

Nature of Procedure in India Procedure Number Duration (days)
Obtain Director Identification Number DIN for proposed Directors of the new Company 1 1*
Obtaiinf Digtal Signature Certificate DSC for proposed Directors of the Company 2 2*
Filing the proposed name of company for approval to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) 3 2
Get the Memorandum of Asociation and Articles of Association printed 4 1
Pay stamp duties online 5 1
File all incorporation forms and documents online, including  the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association. 6 2
Obtain the certificate of incorporation 7 2
Request and obtain Certificate to Commence Operation, if required 8 5
Obtain a company seal 9 3
Obtain a Permanent Account Number (PAN) from an authorized franchise or agent appointed by National Securities Depository Services Limited (NSDL) or Unit Trust of India (UTI) 10 7*
Obtain a Tax Account Number (TAN) for income taxes deducted at source from the Assessing Office in the Income Tax Department 11 7*
Register under Shops and Establishment Act 12 4*
Register for value added tax (VAT) before the Sales Tax Officer of the ward in which the company is located 13 12*
Register for Profession tax 14 2*
Register with Employees' Provident Fund Organization 15 12*
Register with ESIC (medical insurance) 16 9*
Filing for Government Approval before RBI/FIPB for Foreigners and NRI's 17 15*
Totals: 17 40

Note: Procedures sometimes take place simultaneously. Instances of this are marked with an asterisk (*). The above procedures and timings are indicative for a typical big city in India where all the required documents are ready with the promoters. The actual time and procedure may vary with city and state and the nature of business.

All the procedures must be followed. For more details See: Private Limited Company in India

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Foreign Investors Establishing Business in India

Foreign investors planning to incorporate in India are required to seek governmental approval before investing in India.

Some approvals are automatic, - RBI Approvals - though application is required for those approvals.

Special Permission - FIPB Approvals - could be obtained to invest over and above the regular percentage allowed.


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