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CEO of a USA company:

Madaan & Co. helped us in incorporating our subsidiary in India and their knowledge and expertize made it a smooth sailing.

A USA Lawyer:

I always use the services of Madaan & Co. for my clients' needs for doing business in India, including incorporation, corporate compliance and joint ventures in India.

An In-house counsel of a USA company:

Madaan & Co. has guided me through different deals in India during past many years in a professional way.

President of a large US Company from the West Coast:

Your services are as great as your web site: you certainly know what you are doing.

Chairman of an Indian Company:

It's a genuine effort to improve business relations between Indian & foreign companies.... Keep it up!!

President of USA company:

Madaan & Co.'s services are as good as their web site.

President of a New York Company:

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Companies want to invest in India require basic information about this country. offers comprehensive information about India.

Other than the aforesaid information this business website also gives information required to make joint ventures in India by the foreign companies. Those foreign companies who want to open a subsidiary concern in India will get useful information in this business site.


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