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Secrets of a Successful International Joint Venture

International Joint Ventures
SETTING UP Joint Ventures



International Joint Ventures

International joint ventures have special features which are different from domestic joint ventures. Special efforts are required by all the parties involved to make an international joint venture successful.

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Checklist for a Successful Outsourcing

The following are some of the secrets of a successful international joint venture:

S uccess in a joint venture can be expected when Joint Venture Agreements are set up right and the parties know their duties well.  Lawyers who understanding the work culture and legal environment of both the jurisdictions should be involved in drafting Joint Venture Agreements.

  • Understanding cultural backgrounds of all the countries involved

  • Understanding legal and regulatory regime of all the jurisdictions involved

  • Negotiating win-win contract

  • Giving leeway for international contingencies and environment

  • Having Comprehensive Joint Venture Agreements which lays down a road map of duties and obligations of all the parties involved

  • Involving lawyers from all the jurisdictions early on

  • Having a workable and efficient Dispute Resolution Mechanism

  • Termination Terms and Conditions


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Drafting Joint Venture Agreements

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