Outsourced In-house Counsel

 without the High Price Tag of Full Time In-house Counsel
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Outsourced In-House Counsel

Without the High Price Tag of Full Time General Counsel

There are plenty of reasons to outsource your in-house counsel position. Most importantly, it saves you money and lets you work with lawyers who know legal stuff.

Stop overpaying for mediocre legal work. Find out how stress free working with good lawyers can be.

If you’d like to save money on legal costs while establishing a long-term relationship with a law firm, we’d love to hear from you.

We provide legal counsel services to businesses without a big price tag. We offer high-end work with down-to-earth prices to startups and small-to-mid-sized businesses. We also provide on-demand General Counsel services to businesses that do not have the need for a full time General Counsel. We provide benefits of a General Counsel with no full time commitment.

Many startups and other companies retain us to act as their "outsourced in-house counsel." This arrangement has various benefits:

  • It is less expensive than to hire an in-house counsel
  • It gives all the benefits of an in house counsel
  • You can easily contact as and when you need us
  • We develop an in-depth familiarity with our client’s business, culture and legal needs
  • We maintain a long-term relationship, which facilitates efficiency of service

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Hiring a General Counsel for a Small Business or Startup

A general counsel, or in-house counsel, is an attorney that handles the legal matters for a business. A small business might have only one in-house attorney, while a larger business may have several. The general counsel prioritizes legal issues for the business and may pursue litigation or work on transactional matters on behalf of the business.

As a small Business, Do I Need to Hire a General Counsel Right Away?

As you start your small business or startup, you will not likely need to hire a general counsel, or in-house counsel, right away. Many businesses do not have enough work to warrant this expense and often hire an attorney to act as an outside counsel to their business. Outside counsel will work on projects and issues as they arise.

Are Outside Counsels Expensive?

Outside Counsels could be expensive. However we offer services of as outside counsels who are very reasonable and they know what they are doing  As you start your small business or startup, you may need to save money. We can save you a lot of money when starting your business.

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